Timo Bechtel
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Keep it simple, stupid❤️.

Hi, I’m Timo. A designer and software developer based in Cologne, Germany.


A selection of projects I'm working on.



Ruumio takes a fresh approach on traditional video conferencing by providing virtual spaces for events, meetings, offices or workshops. It allows you to move around freely and participate in video conferences by simply walking into a virtual room.

ruumio provides event spaces



SocketDB is an easy to use data storage that syncs across browsers in realtime and allows you to focus on your application without worrying about networking.

It features:

  • minimal network overhead: caches data and only syncs changes batches changes to reduce transmitted data
  • automatically reconnects on connection lost
  • full typescript support

db.get('some').set({ path: 'Hello World' });
// => Hello World

db.get('posts').each((node, key) => {
  console.log('new post: ', key);
  node.on((post) => {
    console.log('post updated', post);



Satzbau allows you to generate natural sounding texts in German.

It allows you to:

  • decline words (including articles and adjectives)
  • define evenly distributed synonyms for words
  • automatically render lists as text
  • use a handy tagged template string syntax to format sentences
  • create dynamic sentences with properties
const color = synonyms(adjective('rot'), adjective('blau'));
const car = synonyms(
  noun('das auto, die autos, des autos'),
  noun('die karre, die karren, der karre')
const door = noun('die tür,-en,-').specific();
const heEnters = sentence`
  er öffnete ${door.accusative()} 
  ${(object) => object.genitive()}

// => Er öffnete die Tür des blauen Autos.
// => Er öffnete die Tür der roten Karre.



Palettor helps you to find a natural color palette for any given keyword. It generates color schemes based on real images. So you always get a natural color scheme. Just enter any keyword or combination of keywords to get started.

It also allows you to generate colors from your own images. Just tap on the image icon. It's completely client based, we don't send you photos anywhere.

You can install it on your phone and even use it offline.

palettor, color palette generator



currently only available in german.

MindLinq is an explorative, sandbox text adventure playing game.

It features a large, randomly generated world with multiple biomes, a combat system and dialogs.

It was programmed in a few days and ported from Java to Javascript to be playable on the web.


(Command [Parameter] : Description)

  • w : Go west
  • e : Go to east
  • n : Go north
  • s : Go south
  • t [item] : Pick up item
  • d [item] : Drop item
  • u [item|object|monster] : use/inspect/attack/eat/activate item/object/monster
mindlinq, a sandbox text adventure game



CompactJS is a collection of tiny JavaScript modules so that you don't have to write that tiny function again.

compactjs, collection of javascript modules