Now those 280 characters per tweet are pretty limiting, so having a blog where I can document my projects is a necessity.
So finding my first project for my #111Challenge was not difficult.


  • a very simple blog where I can document my projects
  • blog posts need to be writable in markdown, so I can focus on writing them

What I did

I wanted the blog to be static, so it’s pretty fast and I can deploy it to any static hosting. For this I used Jekyll with the default minima theme.

Writing web pages with markdown is actually pretty awesome. 👌 It allows you to write your texts without the usual HTML clutter and without the need for a CMS.

That’s how a file for a blog post can look like behind the scenes:

layout: post
title: 'Starting the 111 Challenge'

I've always had lots of things in my backlog. Frameworks I wanted to try, programming languages I wanted to learn...
So I thought, when I just restrict myself to do a project every day but only within 24 hours, I am able to check off many things from my list and force myself to try something new everyday.

Pretty simple, right?

So I tweaked the styling a little, added a cookie consent and wrote my first article!

First project: Done ✅